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Dedicated to creating a life worth living for people with cognitive challenges
Dedicated to creating a life worth living for people with cognitive challenges.
Dedicated to creating a life
worth living for people with
cognitive challenges.

Why Hearthstone?

Because Hearthstone has been caring for people living with dementia for over 25 years.

Because Hearthstone’s evidence-based programs create meaning and purpose throughout the disease process.

Because many industry best practices and innovations found their start at Hearthstone.

Hearthstone uses empirical research and positive family feedback to know what works best.

Hearthstone’s innovative and extensive staff training is used all over the world.

Hearthstone’s skills-based approach enables residents to enjoy good health, good memories, and good times.

There is no place quite like Hearthstone! Schedule a visit and come see for yourself.

Life at Hearthstone Residences

Hearthstone's Website is Different

We invited our Residents to help design this website. Some gave us ideas for its look and content, while others took some of the photos.


We do not use stock photos. All the images you see are of people who are now or have been a Hearthstone Resident.


At Hearthstone, we believe that this is one way to demonstrate the I’m Still Here® philosophy and to show that we live our mission: “DEDICATED TO CREATING A LIFE WORTH LIVING FOR PEOPLE WITH COGNITIVE CHALLENGES .”

Welcome to Hearthstone
Welcome to

    “Before moving here, mom was close to non-verbal and rarely smiled. Now she smiles, laughs and is once again talking. She is always clean and well cared for. She has gained weight and all of her physical and emotional needs are being met. Hearthstone’s I’m Still Here® approach really works.”Family member, Massachusetts


    “To all the staff members of Hearthstone–I have watched with pleasure and reassurance the loving care you give to my husband and the other residents. I appreciate the fact that you work as a team to make his life as pleasant and as comfortable as possible… and that you are always on top of the situation.” – Family member, Massachusetts


    “I appreciate your laughter and your humor, and I know my husband does too.  I’ve seen him laugh with you. And I appreciate the fact that you care for me, and my needs and concerns, when I visit, and that I can go home, knowing he is in good hands.” – Family member, Massachusetts


    “On a special note, my mother was given the priceless gift of reconnecting with the part of her that is and always will be a musician. Seeing my mother’s true spirit come back to life, and shine through her eyes that day she began to play music again was an experience I will never forget.” Family member, New Jersey


    “”When Heather and Nancy were leaving after evaluating my mother’s progress, Mom gave them a glowing smile, waved, and called out ‘I love you.’ You are all her ‘Loves’ and she calls Hearthstone her home.” – Family member, Massachusetts

Hearthstone Is More Than Meets the Eye

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