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Our Mission  Hearthstone "I'm Still Here" Foundation supports the treatment and education of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. It focuses on innovative,
non-pharmacologic treatment approaches that have celebrated success in improving the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's disease. The Hearthstone Alzheimer's Family Foundation has made groundbreaking strides in the areas of research and education. Our goal is to increase the scope and influence we have in this important treatment area.

The Challenge  Facing a prolonged end of life with a progressive cognitive disease is a profound challenge for the aging person and his or her entire family. Families are called
upon to make important decisions and commitments to care even if they are dispersed across the country or have limited resources.

An Alternate Scenario: the "Extended Alzheimer's Family"  We envision an alternate, very possible, scenario in which families are empowered to play a full and effective role
in the evolving cultural environment of Alzheimer's Disease - a scenario in which families
and providers together are "partners-like-family" in supporting the lives of people with Alzheimer's/dementia. Indeed, it is the life of the person with Alzheimer's Disease/
dementia that brings this extended Alzheimer's family together.

The Foundation's Funding Priorities  Hearthstone's "I'm Still Here" Foundation focuses on catalyzing, expediting, and implementing innovations in the treatment and care of people with Alzheimer's Disease that incorporate the participation and education of families and care-giving staff. We specifically supports projects that incorporate:

• Research about the contributions that proposed innovations in care make to the quality of   lives of people with Alzheimer's Disease, their families, or care-giving staff
• Demonstration of prototype environmental designs, multi-faceted treatment approaches,
  and family involvement
• Education about the opportunities families and care-giving staff have to design,
  implement, and evaluate these innovations on behalf of people with Alzheimer's

Hearthstone's "I'm Still Here" Foundation supports projects such as:

• Enhancement of communication between families, caregivers and medical care providers
• Communication approaches to reduce symptomatic catastrophic reactions
• Therapeutic activities designed to improve attention and reduce anxiety
• Design of physical environment features to cue memories, support independence,
  improve way-finding, or produce positive emotions
• Use of nature, gardens, plants, and animals as therapeutic milieu

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How can you help?
Hearthstone's "I'm Still Here" Foundation offers you the opportunity to join us in accomplishing our mission - empowering families and care-giving staff to work effectively together so people with Alzheimer's will flourish, and their families and staff be fulfilled.

We can make our organization available to you if you wish to play a role in funding projects that improve the lives of people with Alzheimer's through empowering the "extended Alzheimer's family."   

Hearthstone Alzheimer Care 130 New Boston St.
Suite 103, Woburn MA 01801
1-888-422-CARE   wecare@thehearth.org