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The Hearthstone Institute offers the only comprehensive, transformational, evidence-based training programs available in the senior care industry today. Our educational experiences focus on non-pharmacologic approaches that address the challenges, and meet the needs of people living with all types and stages of memory loss.

Backed by over 20 years of research, each customized training is embedded with our innovative I’m Still Here™ approach. This unique philosophy focuses on creating opportunties for true engagement and increased quality of life for persons living with dementia.

The Institute offers training options ranging from keynote presentations, to intensive workshops, to complete training programs.

Certification is available to organizations that complete the full training program and are awarded the distinction of an "I'm Still Here Center of Excellence".

Senior staff includes:

    • John Zeisel PhD,
a leading authority on Alzheimer’s, author
      and developer of the I’m Still Here™ approach

    • Michael Skrajner co-developer of the Montessori-inspired   
       Activity Program MAP™ and the use of procedural memory
       learning techniques for persons living with dementia

    • Sue Blackler Vice President–Quality of Care at Hearthstone


Michael Skrajner               Sue Blackler                     Dr. John Zeisel

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