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Hearthstone Alzheimer Care is the only leading Assisted Living company in the
United States to maintain an active research division, Hearthstone’s research is dedicated
to providing answers to the many elusive questions regarding how to improve care for
people with dementia and others requiring supportive environments. As such, the focus
of the division is on translational research – the translation of research into practice.

Through our research, we create evidence-based training and products that enable Hearthstone to provide the most state-of-the-art care to our residents and clients.
Particular areas of focus include:

• Design of the physical environment
• Development of meaningful activities and creating social roles for our residents and clients
• Management of complex medication regimens, and
• Measurement of treatment outcomes to improve quality of life.

The following are summaries of projects by members of Hearthstone's Research Division:

Environmental Contributors to Health Outcomes in Dementia Special Care Units
This project, funded by the National Institute of Aging, studied the effects of eight environmental design features on agitation, aggression, depression, social withdrawal, and psychotic symptoms of residents with Alzheimer's disease in Special Care Units. The eight design criteria, which were found to have varying levels of correlation to improved outcomes in a dementia population, include:

• Exit Control                          • Walking Pathways
• Private Space                      • Common Space Variability
• Therapeutic Gardens            • Residentiality
• Support for Independence     • Sensory Comprehension

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