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Michael Skrajner Director, Research and Program Development
As a senior member of the Hearthstone Institute Faculty, Mike trains professionals and care providers on many of Hearhstone's innovative methodologies including Montessori-inspired Activity Programming (MAP) ® and Procedural Interval Learning (PIL) ® . He has also co-authored more than seven peer-reviewed articles on these topics.

Throughout his career Mike has managed federally and privately funded research projects. He has conducted
research on a wide variety of dementia related topics including:
•  Medication adherence intervention delivered via videophone to HIV positive persons in rural, urban,
   and suburban areas of the United States.
•  The implementation of Montessori-Based Activities in nursing homes, assisted living facilities,
    and adult day centers.
•  Programming that allows persons with early stage dementia to lead Montessori-based activities.



    Marian Brown Associate Director, ARTZ: Artists for Alzheimer’s
Marian describes herself as an educator, visual artist, and inclusion practices advocate. She received her Masters in Arts in Education, from Harvard University in 2012.
As an artist she is currently investigating identity, looking at the fluid nature of family- as well as the roots with which we ground. She articulates these relationships in a body of work created from handmade paper, all of which is made from clothing donated by her family. Her work is currently showing in both Boston and New York.
Her research background includes work with VSA Massachusetts as well as Project Zero. Marian’s overall academic inquiry, and therefore research interest, surrounds the investigation of how we can build and support inclusive learning communities through the arts.


Candace Walker Reseach Assistant
Candace has a background in Professional Communications and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Plymouth State University. She has been working in Alzheimer’s research for two years, focusing on both clinical and non-clinical trials. Candace is a Research Assistant on Hearthstone’s IMPROV Project and will be taking observations and handling data for the study.



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