Hearthstone Care Options

The Hearthstone residences offer three care options, each designed to meet  different Resident and family needs:

Our Residential Care option is for people with increasingly pronounced cognitive losses who will benefit and thrive in a supportive 24-hour environment. Their new home is not run like a medical facility or nursing home, but like their family home, with their own personal belongings in their rooms, a friendly and supportive staff, plenty of interesting things to do, and a network of new friends.

The Day Visitor Program option is for people at any stage of memory loss who will benefit from Hearthstone’s programming and social activities while their caregivers go to work, run errands, attend events, or spend a few hours relaxing. Not everyone has a set schedule, so the Day Visitor Program doesn’t have set hours and Day Visitors are welcome to spend time with us whenever their caregivers need or want coverage – even on weekends.

Hearthstone’s Short-Term Stays program welcomes people living with all stages of memory loss to benefit from our services on an as-needed basis. Families use Short-Term Stays and services when their loved ones require higher levels of care than they can receive at home, such as immediately following an injury or surgery. Hearthstone staff also care for loved ones when family caregivers go out of town, take a well-deserved vacation, tend to other responsibilities, or simply need a guilt-free break to take care of themselves. Another great way to take advantage of Short-Term Stays is the opportunity to “test-drive” the Hearthstone lifestyle, programming, services and amenities for a trial period before deciding to move in.

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