Features of Hearthstone Care Programs and Services

More than simply a place to live, becoming a Resident at Hearthstone promises:

  • Intensive family involvement
  • Supportive care environment
  • Dedicated trained staff
  • Ongoing effective programming based on research
  • Participation in one of three I’m Still Here® experiences, tailored to Residents’ needs

Hearthstone Care ProgramsFamily Involvement

It’s typical to see family members visiting with their loved ones in our communities. On any given day, you’ll see families chatting with Residents, participating in activities, engaging in community singing, watching a film, or participating in our innovative Scripted-IMPROV program. At Hearthstone, family members truly enjoy being with the person they love.

Environmental Design

Hearthstone’s residences are architecturally designed with an understanding of the cognitive effects of dementia and how to help residents feel more secure. Numerous environmental cues help residents orient themselves, and find interesting things to do. Hearthstone’s design principles help reduce anxiety and wandering and enable Residents to be as autonomous as possible. Each residence has its own award-winning Healing Garden.

Our Team

Every Hearthstone staff member truly cares for the people who live at our communities – and their families. Our extensively-trained staff develop personal relationships with Residents and, as a result, Hearthstone has a much lower staff turnover rate than most memory care communities. At Hearthstone, staff make long-term personal commitments because they believe their job is not simply a job: it’s a calling.

Evidence-Based Programming

Hearthstone is an internationally recognized leader in non‐pharmacological intervention for persons with memory loss. Staff facilitate a variety of innovative programs based on evidence-based research. These include

  • Hearthside Book Club™
  • Lingo Bingo™
  • Resident-Assisted Programming™

Using these specially designed programs reduces the need for pharmacological  interventions.

The I’m Still Here® Experience

I’m Still Here® ensures that a person’s unique interests and skills are incorporated into their day, so that each experience is meaningful and fulfilling. I’m Still Here® ensures that people living with memory challenges are empowered and continue to be a meaningful part of their community. Independence and autonomy are actively encouraged. Residents are invited to take part in a wide variety of clubs, committees and classes, conducted throughout the day. I’m Still Here® programs are tailored to Residents’ needs and abilities in the following three categories.

The Discovery Experience – for Early-Stage Memory Loss

Discovery is tailored to the needs of persons experiencing mild or early-stage memory challenges and Residents who enjoy new learning experiences. Committee meetings, community volunteerism, and individualized learning stations that support participants’ self-esteem and confidence are central to this program.

The Vitality Experience – for Mid-Stage Memory Loss

In Vitality, programs are expertly adapted for persons experiencing the challenges associated with moderate or mid-stage dementia. Vitality fosters a continued sense of identity, social connection, and self-expression. The Vitality Experience seeks to enrich Residents’ lives through engagement in creative arts, exercise groups, and a wide variety of Clubs, Classes and Committees that provide members with meaningful social opportunities.

The Serenity Experience – for Later-Stage Memory Loss 

Serenity engages participants in a sensory rich program designed to meet the needs of those in the later stages of memory loss or of Residents who benefit from a less socially stimulating environment for part of their day. The Serenity Experience features individualized therapeutic spa programs, as well as cognitively stimulating experiences such as interactive art and photo viewings aimed at energizing and generating reminiscence.

Levels of Residential Care

Hearthstone has designed three levels of care that adapt to the changing  abilities and needs of each our Residents as they advance though their dementia journey  Many of our Residents move through the three Hearthcare™ levels during their time at Hearthstone.

Hearthcare™ Level 1

Level 1 is designed for those requiring minimal assistance. These are Residents who usually sleep through the night, can eat by themselves, are able to use the restroom with minimal assistance and can manage their personal care with only verbal cueing. These Residents walk well with no assistance and respond positively to gentle redirection.

Hearthcare™ Level 2

Level 2 is for Residents who are often awake at night and may have a tendency to wander. These Residents may need some assistance during the dining experience and will require hands-on assistance with personal care. Their team members often need to re-approach them several times to accomplish a task. They may be unsteady when walking and require a moderate amount of assistance and supervision to remain safe.

Hearthcare™ Level 3

These Residents need full assistance with dining, require two persons to assist them in the restroom, and need full support for their personal care. Level 3 Residents require two team members to help them move around as there is a high risk of falling. Level 3 provides a one-on-one staffing ratio to reduce challenging behaviors.

Our unique 3-level Hearthcare™ program is based on




Hearthcare™ is an innovative and leading-edge concept that ensures a personalized approach to care, designed to enrich the lives of those living with memory loss – and to engage those who provide their care.

We are a small, privately owned company.  Our value priced fees are private pay and all inclusive. We are not able to accept Medicaid or Mass Health as payment.

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  • My mother was given the priceless gift of reconnecting with the part of her that is and always will be a musician. Seeing my mother’s true spirit come back to life, and shine through her eyes that day she began to play music again was an experience I will never forget. – Resident’s daughter, Englewood, NJ

  • My mother was given the priceless gift of reconnecting with the part of her that is and always will be a musician. Seeing my mother’s true spirit come back to life, and shine through her eyes that day she began to play music again was an experience I will never forget. – Resident’s daughter, Englewood, NJ