Hearthstone Breakthroughs

Because the I’m Still Here® approach considers Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in a new and original way, many successful research projects have helped us improve life for people with the disease.  Click on the list below to learn more about some recent innovative programs.

Hearthstone’s Research Division is continually finding new ways to elicit positive emotions at every point throughout the course of the disease. Developing innovative, evidence-based programs, and educating our staff, the community, and our families, are ways to help those living with memory loss experience better quality of life.

Hearthstone has developed a psychology of Alzheimer’s disease based on understanding how people living with memory loss perceive the world, how they acclimate to their changing abilities, and how they establish a sense of purpose and meaning as the disease progresses.

Hearthstone’s innovative programs help those living with memory loss experience a more fruitful life and a more purposeful sense of living in a community setting. Many of these programs are running in communities all over the country.

At Hearthstone, Residents’ quality of life is not as dependent on medications and pharmacological aids as it is on attentive and supportive trained staff, stimulating events and participating in activities, and a positive care philosophy.


Hearthstone Scripted-IMPROV


Designed to increase engagement, reduce anxiety, agitation, aggression, apathy, and depression, Scripted-IMPROV™ is an innovative program that uses theatre arts and creativity to support joyful, purposeful, and fulfilling lives for people living with dementia. Quite simply, it creates a better quality life for those with memory loss.

The program features drama – or mini plays – complete with props, music, dancing, and role-playing to achieve positive clinical outcomes. Most importantly it ignites smiles and laughter, while awakening new expressions and unexpected joyful responses from people who are thought to no longer be capable of interacting at such levels.

Developed by the Hearthstone Research Division as part of a three-year clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging (NIH/NIA), Scripted-IMPROV™ has been successfully launched in New York City, Boston, and Cleveland.

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