Training Opportunities - Hearthstone Institute
Training Opportunities - Hearthstone Institute

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For more than 20 years, Hearthstone has been recognized for their efforts to enhance the lives of people touched by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our impact is widely recognized in the national press, as well as in industry publications and journals.

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Dementia On the Rise: It’s Time to Deal With It   An NPR Panel Discussion

Five million people in the United States have some form of dementia. We expect that number to increase dramatically as baby boomers age and more people live longer. NPR’s Ina Jaffe hosts a panel with John Zeisel, Linda Durst and Pamela Atwood. They discuss how nursing homes care for those with dementia as more and more people need assistance.


Whole and “Still Here” An Interview on “Safespace”

Discussing his use of the term “Anticipatory Dementia” – the common mid-life fear that even a small lapse of memory creates in us a foreboding and fear of Alzheimer’s’ disease, Dr. John Zeisel speaks with Dr. Ann Hallward about many of our perceptions of the disease. Pointing out the commonly held idea that Alzheimer’s is a loss of identity, a loss of self, when in fact people with the disease very much view themselves as whole and “still here”, Dr. Zeisel shows how our own rethinking of such perceptions leads to far more creative and hopeful interactions and experiences. > Listen to interview


Staying Mentally and Socially Active   An interview on “Health Talk”

Speaking with Rick Turner this interview with Dr. John Zeisel and Dr. Cameron Camp, highlights the importance of staying mentally active and socially engaged after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.Viewing the disease as a death sentence rather than as a managable process, combating stigma, and staying connected in socially meaningful ways, allows all involved to respond in positive, creative ways. > Listen to interview   


Music Meets the Mind:   An interview on PRI’s “The World”

Doctors, musicians, educators and activists around the world are fine tuning our understanding of how profoundly-moving music can help treat the profoundly-damaged brain. Dr. John Zeisel, along with Dr. Lisa Wong discuss evolving international views of the relationship between neuroscience and the arts, with host Jeb Sharp. > Listen to interview   


New Philosophy of Care:   An interview on “A Touch of Grey”

Dr. John Zeisel, speaking with Kevin Casey, about his book “I’m Still Here” discusses non-pharmacological approaches to Alzheimer’s and the need for what he terms a New Philosophy of Care. Dr. Zeisel hopes to dispel illusions and fears about the disease, noting that things like aggression and apathy, commonly thought of symptoms of the disease, are actually failures to manage the disease. > Listen to interview


Living a Meaningful Life with Alzheimer’s An interview on “Empowerment Hour”

Exploring pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic approaches to Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. John Zeisel discusses living a healthy and meaningful life with Alzheimer’s and how to shape a view that is not dismissive or demeaning of this disease with host Gary Null. He emphasizes creating challenges and meaning for people living with the disease, empowering them to live with hope and dignity. > Listen to interview


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Learning for Life™

Learn about Hearthstone’s innovative program and the C-MAP Learning System.

The Artistic Approach to Dementia

In a discussion of Alzheimer’s and innovation, John Zeisel talks about The Hearthstone Way.

As We Age

Alzheimer’s Care broadcast on Bedford TV  Dr. John Zeisel speaks about artistic, and non-pharmacalogical approaches to the care of people with Alzheimer’s with interviewer Chris Hopwood.

Ladder to the Moon

A featured news piece on the state of Alzheimer’s care, featuring comments by Dr. John Zeisel.



Dr. John Zeisel, along with Dr. Lisa Wong and Jonathan McPhee of Boston’s Longwood Symphony Orchestra, talk to World Books host Bill Marx about evolving international views of the relationship between neuroscience and the arts, particularly the beneficial effects of music.


Healing Gardens

The concept and design of Healing Gardens and how they can be transformative in treating Alzheimer’s.

The Art of Therapy, Healing Gardens – an interview posted on Dr. John Zeisel explains the concept and design of Healing Gardens and how they can be transformative in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Designed with physical pathways to plant flowers, socialize and reminisce, they can also decrease aggression and wandering and help maintain a sense of independence.