About - Hearthstone Institute
About - Hearthstone Institute

Hearthstone’s Website Is Different

Regardless of the cognitive challenges a person may be experiencing, at Hearthstone, we know that feeling needed and living with purpose is a basic human desire that provides each of us with a feeling of self-worth. For this reason our innovative I’m Still Here® approach is designed to provide continuous opportunities for our residents to contribute to our community and participate in meaningful and purposeful experiences throughout their day.

Throughout the day our residents are invited to help us with any number of tasks that utilize their skills and interests, including serving meals to each other, choosing topics for study and discussion, sorting and delivering mail, teaching a hobby or skill, sanding a piece of furniture, leading a reading group, or assisting us with checking in an order of supplies, just to name a few.

The development of our website offered yet another opportunity for our residents to contribute in a meaningful and purposeful way. To make the most of this opportunity, we invited our residents to participate in a variety of different aspects of the website design including consultation on the look and content of the site, photo selection and taking photos of their home for use on the site.

In fact, there are no stock photos on this website! All the images you see are of people who live or have lived at Hearthstone.

You can view the photos that were taken by residents by going to the Woburn and Marlborough residence pages.

One very exciting part of the website development process involved holding focus group with residents. Members of Hearthstone’s research team met with groups of residents and asked them to give their opinions about the images to be used on the website, the language that should be used to describe their home, and how they feel about the staff members who work with them every day.

Please enjoy photos from one of our focus groups. You can also see the document that we used for the Focus Groups, which includes the actual responses from and votes casted by our Residents.

While many activities in Memory Support programs today focus on entertainment, at Hearthstone we know that inviting our Residents to participate in these types of meaningful experiences provides them with the opportunity to continue to experience the joy of living with purpose.

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Resident Website Focus Group Photos

Resident Website Focus Group Votes and Responses